What would happen if your car fails you at the most important time?

Taking a Car Reg Check could help you prevent such inconvenience.

Benefits of getting a car reg check

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, it is best to know about the car to make the best out of your deal.

Why Perform a Car Reg Check?

It is better to know about the used car before you buy, you can get various important details listed in the blog.

Top 5 Reasons why you should perform a DVLA Car Reg Check

Top 5 reasons why you should perform a DVLA Car Reg Check

A car reg check can get you way ahead of the game, if you are clueless as to how to search for the perfect used car, a DVLA car reg check can usually answer a lot of your questions before you even have had the time to ponder.

A Car Reg check can help in many ways, because often times the used car that comes into the market could be a stolen one or something with a high risk, and if it was a written off vehicle that came back then you are in for more trouble financially and don’t let me tell you how that’s going to affect your day today.

Basically if the car has had a number plate change, you could check it by the last transaction date to find out when it was handed over.

Car Reg Check

Points to ponder:

1.    Proves the authenticity of the vehicle and the fact that it was assembled at a proper facility rather than a garage shop (usually where the written off cars are brought back to life)
2.    Lets you know whether the car has undergone any number plate change and this is usually very helpful in finding out whether the car had any dues.
3.    Speaking of dues, you would also get to know if the car had any outstanding finance, this helps you prevent any type of unexpected financial expenses.
4.    There are also tax dues that need to be maintained depending on when the car was registered, whether or not you use the car or not, even if you park the car at a garage, you need to notify the DVLA using SORN.
5.    Using the DVLA Car Reg Check, one can also identify the age of the vehicle and the place where it was registered. This proves handy to the new keeper who can estimate the car valuation.

Disadvantages of not taking a car reg check

“Amat Victoria Curam”, we all know what this means and without preparation it can be quite an uphill battle against you and your lack of know-how. Without knowing what the car has to offer, it can be tough to put a price on the valuation of the car and how you take it back home.

What you can do (perform a car check)

Taking a Car Reg Check report from CarDotCheck can save you unthinkable quids that you would have spent otherwise, if you hadn’t had access to all the information we gave you; we provide affordable checks that are easy to understand and with quick access on your email.